Ex-Special Prosecutor Janeva and Jakimovski Designated by US

On Monday, the US State Department Stated announced the public designation of former Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva and Karpos Mayor and GROM presidential candidate Stevco Jakimovski saying their actions had undermined the rule of law and the public’s faith in their government’s democratic institutions and public processes.

“In her official capacity as former North Macedonia Special Chief Prosecutor, Janeva was involved in corrupt acts, including using her political influence and official power for personal benefit.

There is credible information Janeva solicited and accepted a bribe to influence a prosecution under her purview. In his official capacity as mayor of Karpos Municipality, North Macedonia, Jakimovski was involved in corrupt acts, including using his official position to interfere with urban development and procurement processes to benefit himself and his associates,” Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller said.

The same day, US Ambassador Aggeler said the blacklisting should not come as a surprise to anyone. VMRO-DPMNE described the designations as a blow to SDSM, while SDSM said the decision confirmed again why the restrictive measures law should be urgently passed.