Fetai Proposes General Re-Election of Second and Third-Instance Judges

According to Fatime Fetai, Prosecutor at the Higher Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje, there should be a general re-election of all second and third-instance judges and prosecutors.

As she said at an event on Wednesday, those positions should be held by competent staff with proven integrity and results. Fetai’s proposal is for all candidates for higher positions to be checked in terms of their assets, whether they’ve gotten rich and, if so, by how much, whether they have assets registered to other persons, and whether they are linked with criminal structures.

There are institutions and mechanisms for all those checks, the Prosecutor pointed out, but will is needed.

The re-election process would be carried out by the Judicial and Prosecutor’s Councils, gradually, one third of judges and prosecutors at a time, fully publicly, and transparently, in line with the principle of electing State Commission for Prevention of Corruption members.