Fire Opened on Rade Trajkovski aka Stekli again

On Tuesday, fire was opened on former prisoner Rade Trajkovski, aka Stekli, at East Gate Mall, again.

Stekli was with another person when the shooter opened fire. That person underwent surgery.

“The surgery ended a moment ago. He suffered serious injuries to the abdomen and thorax. Though his condition is stable for now, he’s connected to a machine,” Ljuben Arsenkov, head of Sv. Naum Ohridski Hospital, told A1on.

Regarding Stekli himself, though he was severely injured, his condition is better when compared to that of the person he was with. A video from a Mall surveillance camera shows a person wearing a white hoodie opening fire on the two persons.

In the 25 August shooting, also at East Gate Mall, Stekli left unharmed only thanks to the armoured vehicle.