First Hearing in Process against Georgievski Held

The first hearing in the process against Ljupco Georgievski, who was the head of the now-defunct Vancho Mihailov Bulgarian club in Bitola, was held on Monday.

Georgievski is charged with causing hatred, discord or intolerance on national, racial, religious or any other discriminatory ground, as well as with spreading racist and xenophobic material via information system.

“There mustn’t be a club in Bitola named after a fascist,” singer Lambe Alabakovski, who was given a six-month suspended sentence in September for setting fire to the club’s entrance door, said.

The defence responded by referring to him as a pyromaniac. There was also a heated discussion on whether there was proof that Mihailov and even Adolf Hitler were fascists. Georgievski pled not guilty. The next hearing will take place on 18 December.