Five North Macedonia Nationals Waiting for Evacuation from Gaza Strip

A total of five North Macedonia nationals are waiting to be evacuated from the Gaza Strip. It’s about a married couple and a father and his two kids. The father’s wife is Palestinian.

Evacuating them will depend on a decision by Egypt to lift the barrier at the border with Gaza. The information was presented on Tuesday, at the session of Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, by the future ambassador of North Macedonia to Israel, Shpend Sadiki.

Another six future ambassadors presented their theses and priorities: Sasko Nasev (China), Igor Popov (Brazil), Jasmin Kahil (Poland), Ylber Sela (Germany), Andrej Zernovski (Bucharest), Nikola Tupanceski (Serbia).

The same day, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani also stated that Katerina Stavrevska, Emil Krstevski, and Xhenk Sejfulla would head to London, Prague, and Stockholm, respectively.