Foreign Minister Osmani Participates in Antalya Diplomacy Forum

In Turkiye on Friday, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani participated in the Antalya Diplomacy Forum, where he addressed the panel headlined “Challenges and Opportunities in the Balkans”.

Commenting on the state of affairs in the region, he said it continued to be vulnerable, with complex issues, adding that frustrations that had been created in the region might very easily be channelled and used by third actors.

Those frustrations, Osmani stated, are not fictional, that is, they are very real and are based on the long wait to enable the most fundamental right for reforms and progress that would result from opening chapters for Western Balkans.

“It’s time for swift and decisive action. The Balkans expect bold steps to be taken and a clear path to be outlined for future enlargement and a medium-term vision for our region regarding the achievement of the final goal, full-fledged membership of Western Balkan countries in the Union,” the Minister noted.