Fragkogaiannis: Essence Is “North Macedonia” is Northern Neighbour’s Name

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Greece, Konstantinos Fragkogiannis, said it was key to adhere to obligations taken in the years to follow, not over a certain period of time.

However, answering questions from North Macedonia journalists, who said international agreements implied obligations for two sides, he stated that Greece would fulfil its obligations.

Nonetheless, the Greek politician stressed that one should start from the essence, which is that “North Macedonia” was the constitutional name of Greece’s northern neighbour.

Fragkogiannis made those comments at a press conference in Sibenik, where Greece took over the Presidency of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR), where North Macedonia’s a member too. In Bulgaria, the caretaker PM, Dimitar Glavchev, again said North Macedonia had to respect agreements.

“Bulgaria has stated on multiple occasions it is in favour of the European perspective in front of them, but they have to walk the path, if they wish so, to become an EU member. However, the road to that goes through respecting all agreements. We will in no case be an obstacle preventing North Macedonia from joining the EU, provided, I repeat, they respect all agreements since 2022,” he stated.