Gashi in Interview with RFE Macedonian

“Our stand is that the constitutional name should be used and we will use that,” VLEN’s Afrim Gashi, who’s the new Parliament Speaker, said in an interview with RFE Macedonian on Sunday.

According to him, relations with Greece and Bulgaria haven’t been violated.

“I think we should talk. I think that that’s why we should form the government as soon as possible so that we set up communication with those countries, official communication of the new political structure”, Gashi stated.

Regarding the reactions from the DUI-led European Front to the new government formation road, Gashi said the new ruling majority had legitimacy.

“Perhaps Ali Ahmeti has forgotten about the May agreement he signed with Nikola Gruevski, an agreement he violated himself. However, that agreement has never been part of the Constitution and there can be no such agreement in the Constitution because it is in contradiction with every democratic right,” he noted.