Gentiloni: 100 Million Euros in Macro-Financial Assistance for North Macedonia

kovacevski gentiloni

The EU has provided 100 million euros in macro-financial assistance for North Macedonia. The Commissioner for Economy, Paolo Gentiloni, briefed PM Dimitar Kovacevski about that at Monday’s meeting in the frames of the Vienna Economic Forum.

He promised EU negotiations would result in more EU funds. As the PM assessed, the integration process is key from both a political and economic standpoint. At the Forum, Gentiloni stated that the new geopolitical context represented new impetus regarding enlargement.

As he added, the new impetus is actually an opportunity for Western Balkans to overcome difficulties, vetoes, and slowness that was present in the past several years.

“There is here geopolitical impetus, but this impetus will impact the whole process of enlargement,” he stated, adding that he believes the opportunity should be taken.