Georgiev: If EU Mission Says So, Judicial Council Will be Dissolved

President of the Judicial Council Sasko Georgiev said in an interview for MTV1 that if the Evaluation Mission of the EU reaches a conclusion that the Judicial Council should be dissolved, they will respect that decision.

“Nothing lasts forever. If there are real indications that the dissolution of the current Judicial Council would bring changes for the better, then I’d gladly step down,” Georgiev said.

In relation to the disciplinary measures against Judge Enver Bexheti, Georgiev said that it takes at least 8 votes in the council for reaching a certain decision, and that this number of votes was note secured for the decision of dismissal.

“The members make decisions independently, and some of the presented arguments why they thing the judge in questions should not be dismissed. I am aware that other members and judges have been dismissed for lesser violations or misdemeanour, but in those moments the votes for dismissal have prevailed,” Georgiev said, concluding that the council members are great professionals who should not allow themselves to fall under political or other influence.