Georgiev’s Lawyer Files Complaint over Detention Measure

The lawyer of Supreme Court Judge Nake Gjorgiev, Aleksandar Tumanovski, filed a complaint in which he claims that the detention measure determined against his client over accepting a reward for unlawful influence is too harsh and ungrounded.

“We filed a complaint to the court for suspension of the decision for detention, because the prosecution sees no danger of Georgiev attempting to flee and avoid justice, whereas for the other two points in the accusations against him, the law (Article 144 of the Criminal Code) prescribes different precaution measures. We expect the justice organs to accept our complaint and to determine a different measure against my client,” Tumanovski said.

The other suspect in the same case, Member of the Council of Public Prosecutors Ixhet Memeti also denied any involvement in the case.

“I am not familiar at all with the people involved in this at all. However, I shall refrain from any comments in order to leave room for the judicial authorities to do their job properly. I responsibly claim that I have not committed anything illegal,” Memeti said.

Georgiev and Memeti are both suspected of accepting a reward for unlawful influence, and were reported by the son of former Novo Selo Mayor Boro Stojcev, who claims that Georgiev and Memeti asked from him 10,000 euros in order to influence a more favourable decision in the Pipe case, in which Boro Stojcev is accused of smuggling of cigarettes and marijuana.