Gerapetritis: It’s Important to Guarantee European Course of Balkan Countries

The road to Europe will need to continue and Greece will be among those countries that will stand next to Western Balkan states, with respect for democracy and the rule of law, and with hope for Europe to become the extended family of all countries, Greece’s Foreign Minister, George Gerapetritis, told ERT after his participation in the South East Europe Cooperation Process (SEECP) Summit in Skopje on Thursday.

As he pointed out, in Skopje, he conveyed the message of peace, solidarity, and friendship to all South East Europe countries.

“It’s important to guarantee the European course of all countries from the Balkans and broader region in a period of very high challenges, with two wars in our broader neighbourhood. Sure enough, and that’s what I highlighted at the conference, progress should be developed on the basis of concrete preconditions, which are formal and concern respecting democracy, respecting the rule of law, truly respecting all international agreements, and consistent alignment with everything related to the EU, international law, as well as, certainly, respecting rights of minorities,” he stressed.