Get a Number System for Personal Documents Put into Use in Kumanovo

On Thursday, the Get a Number system for obtaining personal documents was put into use in Kumanovo.

The goal is to facilitate the procedure and reduce the long lines of citizens. Interest in new documents is rather high in Kumanovo. However, on Thursday, there were not a lot of people.

For now, citizens are satisfied with the system, saying they’d received services quickly. If the system produces results, it will be implemented throughout the country too.

“The system first recognises citizens who have made an appointment by phone or electronically. They will be followed by citizens who will make an appointment at the location itself and get a number,” Stefan Andonovski, additional Deputy Minister of Information Society and Administration said.

The Interior Ministry, in cooperation with the Information Society and Administration Ministry, is preparing also a system to check completed IDs in Skopje, as well as to send texts, as in the case with travel documents.