Government Adopts Changes to Law on Restrictive Measures

FM Bujar Osmani announced via Facebook that at a session held on Tuesday afternoon the Government of North Macedonia adopted the changes to the Law on Restrictive Measures, which will include US and UK blacklists as grounds for sanctioning by institutions in North Macedonia.

Osmani announced the law-changes last week, saying that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is starting a public debate on proposed amendments to the Law on Restrictive Measures, which would introduce US and UK legal acts as a basis for local courts to order legal sanctions be levied against individuals and companies.

“What we propose in these amendments to the Law is to add the legal acts of the United States and the legal acts of the United Kingdom as a basis for imposing restrictive measures in the state, and then the Prosecutor’s Office would need to immediately launch an investigation and if the probe led to charges being filed in a court of law, the updated Law on Restrictive Measures would temporarily prevent the individual from holding public office or the company from participating in public procurement”, Osmani said.