Greek Solution MP Velopoulos Tears Prespa Agreement in Parliament

At the session of Greek Parliament on Wednesday, Greek Solution leader and MP Kyriakos Velopoulos tore the Prespa Agreement.

“This is the Prespa Agreement. If there was a credible, national, patriotic, societal, people’s Greek Government, it would do this,” he said as he tore the document.

According to Velopoulos, New Democracy has changed its stand on the matter.

“There is neither north nor south Macedonia. Macedonia is one and is Greece. You would say that the protests. Now, you call it ‘North Macedonia’. Our problem is not Skopje’s President. The problem is the way in which they learn their history, the logic with which the people itself elects,” the Greek MP noted, adding that VMRO-DPMNE was the worst a people could elect and describing it as a “fascist and Nazi” party.

He also urged the Greek Government to bring the three memoranda to a procedure for ratification “in order for all parties to vote against because they, not we, have annulled the Agreement.”