Idrizovo Case: Ombudsperson Ziberi to Initiate Torture Charges against Police

Violent conduct by police against prisoners, non-compliance with rights of consumers, a violation of the right to equal education, paying for new travel documents even though citizens are not responsible for that were among the petitions highlighted by Ombudsperson Naser Ziberi on Wednesday.

He described 2023 as especially unfavourable regarding the rights of children. Ziberi will initiate criminal charges concerning torture for both members of special police forces and prison police officers involved in the October search in the Idrizovo prison.

“According to their statements, prisoners were forcibly taken out of the beds where they were sleeping. They were being beaten up though they weren’t resisting. Then, they were tied and taken out in the hallways, where they were left to kneel with their hands tied. According to their statements, they were forced to clean the areas by removing the items broken during the search and the police action. During the activities to clean and pick up, they were occasionally hit by police. The insight regarding the convicted persons found visible injuries. With their consent, photos have been secured, while a video of the whole event has been secured, too” Ziberi said.