Inspectorate Issues Ban on Performing Healthcare Activity against Sante Plus 2

The State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate has issued a ban on performing healthcare activity against the Sante Plus 2 private health institution (a primary-level polyclinic), on the premises located on Ilindenska Street in Gostivar because it doesn’t have a decision to perform such activity issued by the Health Ministry.

As the Inspectorate said on Tuesday, the decision is based on the ascertained situation, according to the Health Protection Law. On 28 February, the Inspectorate’s Gostivar office conducted extraordinary inspection oversight on the basis of a petition referring to irregularities concerning conditions in an area where healthcare activity is performed.

“During the oversight, insight was conducted in the area, owned by Bechtel ENKA. In the area, covering 13 square metres, marked as an outpatient clinic, healthcare activity is performed,” the Inspectorate added, among other things.

During the oversight, inspectors found medical equipment, medicines, disposable medical materials, and medical waste. The responsible person at Bechtel ENKA, present during the oversight, said Bechtel ENKA UK 2 Limited had a signed deal with the Skopje-based Sante Plus 2 institution for providing health workers and health services for Bechtel ENKA’s needs. In response, Sante Plus 2 told Alfa that it didn’t have an office in Gostivar.