Inter-Party Accusations over Elections Continue

Commenting on SDSM’s calls to answer questions about the signatures for Gordana Siljanovska Davkova, VMRO-DPMNE said SDSM and its presidential candidate, Stevo Pendarovski, had once again tried to hide their “failure” and upcoming defeat.

“The submission of the candidacy is a technical process. Professor Siljanovska Davkova had an all-time high when it comes to citizen signatures, which is what pains Pendarovski and SDS[M] the most. The support from citizens is clear and unambiguous. SDS[M] and Pendarovski will face it on 24 April and 8 May,” the opposition party stated.

The same day, the VLEN coalition levelled accusations at DUI, saying Ali Ahmeti’s party had had a deal with SDSM for the PM from the ethnic Albanian community’s term to last two years, not 100 days.