Iran-Israel Situation: Foreign Ministry Forms Crisis HQ

The Foreign Ministry has formed a crisis HQ primarily tasked with organising an evacuation of North Macedonia citizens from Israel and Middle East countries, if necessary.

In Israel, there are 40-50 citizens, including the family members of the diplomatic personnel in Tel Aviv.

On Sunday, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani called on President Stevo Pendarovski to convene a session of the Security Council for the potential scenarios of the possible escalation of the situation in the Middle East and activation of the Balkan migration road.

However, for now, a Council session will not be held, that is, in response, the President’s Cabinet said the situation was being followed, with the current assessment being that there was currently no security threat to North Macedonia.

“Pendarovski is in constant communication with our NATO partners,” the Cabinet added.

Osmani condemned Iran’s attack, but stressed that Israel had its own responsibility for the suffering of civilians in Gaza.