Jovanovski Says Ruskovska Knew What 27 April Sentences Would Be in Advance

On Stefan Lazarov’s podcast on Monday, the former owner of the now defunct 1 TV station, Bojan Jovanovski (also known as Boki 13), whose appeal in the International Alliance case was accepted at the start of the month, said that the ex-head of the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecution of Organised Crime and Corruption, former Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska, who had been in charge of the case concerning the 27 April 2017 storming of Parliament, had known what the verdicts would be in advance.

As he explained, he talked to her on 13 March 2019, two days before the verdicts were announced.

He said: “I wrote to her, ‘We will tomorrow cover the 27 April case verdict, in full.’ She replied, ‘It will be interesting, there will be maximum sentences, while I will give a statement after that.’

I replied, ‘So, [Judge Dobrila] Kacarska will raise hell.’

Vilma said, ‘Hell, hell, you will see.’

I told her, ‘Give me something exclusive.’ I was asking for an exclusive piece of news for the TV station.

She replied, ‘Just one acquittal, whereas all other sentences will be high.’”.

Ruskovska denied there had been such communication. “When it was announced, I was in Berlin. Colleagues that were with me from both the National Bank and the police can confirm that I heard the verdicts then for the first time,” she stated.