JSP-Skopje Employees to Start Strike on Monday

The three functioning trade unions at the PE for public transport JSP-Skopje announced that from next Monday they will start a strike. The employees at JSP-Skopje have not been paid their salaries for December yet, while the PE is waiting for the Council of the City of Skopje to approve them subsidies.

The latest session of the City Council was interrupted on Wednesday and there is no info whether and when it will be continued.

“We don’t need the City of Skopje, or the state. They should let us manage this enterprise by ourselves and gather incomes by ourselves, like we used to function before pluralism came. If the City Council does not adopt a decision for granting subsidies to JSP-Skopje by Sunday 21 January, then starting from Monday we will not work at all, and there will be no public transport in the city,” said Mikjo Stojanovski, the president of one of the trade unions at JSP- Skopje.