Judge Nake Georgiev Arrested for Accepting Reward for Unlawful Influence

Supreme Court Judge Nake Georgiev was arrested on Monday for accepting a reward for unlawful influence (Article 359 of the Criminal Code) and taken to a police station. Police said that Georgiev had been caught in the act.

Many media reported that police had arrested him in the frames of a case concerning a 10,000-euro bribe.

As Sitel reported, it is suspected that he would promise mitigating measures in the court process against former Novo Selo Mayor Boro Stojcev, arrested for marijuana smuggling.

According to the law, the Judge has immunity he can invoke at a police station and even if he is taken before a judge in the previous procedure.

For the criminal procedure to be carried out in an unimpeded manner and for a detention measure to be issued, should a prosecutor seek such a measure, Georgiev can be stripped off his immunity only by the Judicial Council, which is supposed to hold a session shortly, should the Criminal Court or the Prosecutor’s Office request that.

In July of last year, Nake Georgiev resigned as Judicial Council member following the election of his son, Kiril Georgiev, as a Criminal Court Judge.