Kovacevski Addresses Immediate Response 23 Event

PM Dimitar Kovacevski attended and addressed the largest multinational exercise this year in the Republic of North Macedonia, “Immediate Response 23”, in which, in addition to the Republic of North Macedonia, three other NATO member countries – the United States of America, Albania, Montenegro and as a NATO partner country – Kosovo, with about 1,850 participants. The exercise, according to officials, is of particular importance to our Army in terms of sharing knowledge, capabilities and skills, improving interoperability and mutual operational synchronicity between NATO and partner armies through a wide range of near-simultaneous operations, which are carried out in multiple zones, demonstrating the unity of NATO for the security of each member country, as well as confirming the capabilities of “AP Krivolak” to perform a variety of training operations and use a variety of combat assets and armaments. “This year we are carrying out another successful joint exercise with our NATO allies, where through various training operations we demonstrate the unity of the North Atlantic Alliance in the name of the security of each member country and in the name of world peace,” Prime Minister Kovacevski emphasized in his address.