Kovacevski Criticises VMRO-DPMNE over Personal Documents Issue Again

On Monday, commenting on the personal documents problem, SDSM leader and ex-PM Dimitar Kovacevski once again said VMRO-DPMNE would lie to citizens that it would annul the Prespa Agreement.

“There were political parties that were telling citizens that once they came to power, they would abolish the deal, bring back the old name et cetera. You’re seeing that that hasn’t happened. So, it was only rhetoric, lying, that helped them score certain political points among citizens. However, at the end of the day, the lie always ends. So, VMRO-DPMNE too has had to stand in front of “North Macedonia” and say: ‘Yes, that’s the Agreement.’ That is why now everyone should focus on replacing documents more swiftly and enabling conditions for citizens to be able to get their documents for a summer holiday,” he stated.