Kovacevski Facing Major Criticism over Comments on Media

SDSM leader and ex-PM Dimitar Kovacevski has been facing major criticism over his comments on media on Monday, during the opening of the party’s new HQ in Kisela Voda Municipality.

At the event, he alleged media and national TV stations had taken a political party’s side. That, as he added, reminds him of 2006, the year when VMRO-DPMNE started its 11-year rule. Kovacevski added that media were controlled and sold themselves out.

“I will tell them from here that them taking a side is to no avail. They will once again squeak in some basements when they will be clenched like Andrej Petrov, when he was getting out from A1 TV those that have now put themselves again in the service of those who stuffed them in basements in 2010, 2011. That’s what happens when media put themselves in the function of a political party. They will come to their senses afterwards, but it’s too late. They will be running to SDSM to restore democracy for them, while they sold themselves out, they are selling themselves out as early as now because, as they say, one buys a Bitcoin when its price is lowest,” he stated.

VMRO-DPMNE fiercely condemned them and called on the EU Delegation, international organisations, and all international representatives to react. Criticism has come from associations of journalists.