Kovacevski: We Can Prolong Period for Replacement of IDs, Passports

PM Dimitar Kovacevski said that the proposal of President Stevo Pendarovski for prolongation till October the validity of the current personal identification documents of the citizens, which do not contain the new constitutional name of the state “Republic of North Macedonia”.

“We must remember that this is a legal obligation for all of us from the Prespa Agreement with Greece, which is why the Interior Ministry opened more counters at which the citizens can acquire new documents, but it seems that we need to open even more. We shall make consultations and we shall discuss the matter at a governmental session, and if there are legal possibilities for prolongation of the deadlines due to technical reasons, why not prolong it. Pendarovski can contact the Greek President, since he already took part in the process for creation of the Prespa Agreement,” Kovacevski said.