Ljupco Palevski Arrested in Balikesir, Turkiye

The prime suspect in the case concerning the Vanja Gjorcevska and Pance Zezovski murders, Ljupco Palevski, has been arrested in Balikesir, Turkiye, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski said at a press-conference on Tuesday that started at 10:30 pm. The Minister also showed the document of INTERPOL’s confirmation of the arrest.

“I expect the extradition procedure to finish maximally quickly,” he added.

As Spasovski explained, Palevski was taken to Serbia by car, where he stayed in a hotel. The following day, he was taken over by another person from Skopje. From Serbia, they first entered Bulgaria and arrived in Turkiye.

From Balikesir, North Macedonia’s authorities received information that he was getting ready to take a taxi to head to Istanbul. However, Palevski was trying to trick Turkiye’s system.

“In Balikesir, he stayed for several days and hired a taxi driver to head to Istanbul. However, he was basically simulating and returned to the city again. However, he was today arrested while he was moving on foot on a motorway near Balikesir,” the Minister stated.

Regarding the Vanja Gjorceska murder investigation, Spasovski expects it will expand. The criminal charge for the five suspects has been prepared. It is written on more than 100 pages and has been sent to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office.