Lloga Believes Elections will Be Held Simultaneously on 8 May

Joint election lists are still an open topic between ruling coalition partners. Alliance for Albanians is analysing and talking to SDSM and DUI. The party’s also consulting its members.

However, even though it is not closing the issue, party leader Arben Taravari said on Tuesday that the stand for now was that “at this moment, it’s a little problematic for Alliance for Albanians, as a party, to be part of one list with DUI.” However, Taravari left room for the decision to be made by party bodies.

Justice Minister Krenar Lloga, who’s part of the party, said on Wednesday he believed the two election processes would be held simultaneously on 8 May.

“Unofficially, I know that that date will be an official date,” he stated. SDSM and DUI are preparing a pre-election coalition called “European Front”.

First Deputy PM Artan Grubi, who’s part of Ali Ahmeti’s party, expects the election date to be set in the coming days.