M-NAV Directors File Charge Against Trade Union Leader Tasevski

President of the trade union of the flight control department at the Civil Aviation Agency (M-NAV) Aleksandar Tasevski was called to a police station to provide a statement, after two of the three M-NAV directors, Fahrudin Hamidi and Hasim Deari, reported on him to the police.

Namely, Hamidi and Deari filed a charge to the Interior Ministry in which they claim they feel their security threatened by Tasevski. The trade union of M-NAV is expected to hold a press conference in relation to the issues at the flight control department on Thursday.

On 30 December 2023, Tasevski, the third director of M-NAV Ljube Stamenkovski and all flight control engineers resigned from their positions in protest of the decision of Hamidi and Deari to employ candidates for flight control managers who refused to take the qualification tests.