Man Opens Fire on Aracinovo Mayor’s Group, Two Taken to Hospital

At around one pm on Monday, in Aracinovo, an unknown person opened fire on a group led by Mayor Ridvan Ibraimi. Immediately after the attack, the officer, who was part of the group as Ibraimi’s bodyguard, called fellow officers about the attack.

The group included also Ibraimi’s driver and a Municipality employee. They were walking when an armed person came out of one of the houses. In the first report, it was said that it was about an unknown person with an automatic rifle that had opened fire on the group after he’d come out of the house.

Two persons were wounded, the driver, Advin Ajdini, who was taken to a hospital for the perforating chest wounds and underwent surgery, and the Municipality’s employee, who was taken to a hospital too in a private car.

The Mayor and his bodyguard, an Interior Ministry employee, were not wounded. According to unconfirmed information, Ibraimi was the target, that is, the shooter was trying to kill him.

Police sources have told Telma that the initial suspicions are related to an old feud with the Ajvazi family related to land at the entry of Aracinovo.

Witnesses have already said that Murat Ajvazi, who’s suspected of murder in 2007, is one of the participants in the attack, Telma added.