Master Debates Initiated by Pendarovski not to Be Held

The election HQ of SDSM presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski, who’s running for a second term, has said that the master debates involving all presidential candidates will not be held.

As it pointed out on Tuesday, though consensus had initially been reached for the two debates, the political and media circumstances currently are not sustainable for conditions to be created for the debates to be held.

Pendarovski even met representatives of TV stations and members of election HQs of the other candidates to overcome open issues, bridge differences, and meet certain, more specific demands.

As Deutsche Welle Macedonian reported yesterday, however, the idea faced obstacles as early as its start, when some election HQs expressed reservations about the participation of Stevco Jakimovski and Biljana Vankovska over the US blacklisting and her narrative, respectively.