Meeting in Skopje: Stoltenberg Expresses Concern over Balkans’ Stability

The informal meeting bringing together NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenber, PM Dimitar Kovacevski, Albanian PM Edi Rama, Croatian President Zoran Milanovic, Montenegrin PM Milojko Spajic, and Slovenian PM Robert Golob, was held in Skopje on Wednesday. Stoltenberg expressed concern over the stability of the Balkans following the tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

As he assessed, the region is strategically important in terms of providing peace. Also, Stoltenberg called on Belgrade and Pristina to return to the negotiating table.

There are no indications of North Macedonia’s security being endangered and Kosovan tensions spilling over, PM Kovacevski said, describing North Macedonia’s security services’ prevention as flawless. His Albanian counterpart, Edi Rama, presented an initiative for a NATO summit of the Western Balkans to be organised that would include members of the Alliance, as well as Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.