Mickoski: Every Government Member Must have ‘Pro-Macedonian’ Positions

“Every member of this government must have pro-Macedonian positions. Everyone that will go outside this path, regardless of their positions, pro- or any, will no longer be part of the government,” PM-designate Hristijan Mickoski said on Tuesday regarding the decision for Ivan Stoiljkovic to be the candidate for Deputy PM for Inter-Community Relations and subsequent reaction from DUI.

Asked what Stoiljkovic’s positions would mean to the strategic positioning of the country regarding foreign policy, Mickoski said a pro-Macedonian position meant also strategic orientation of the country, which was a strong partner in NATO and a country that would one day be an EU member.

Previously, regarding the nomination of Stoiljkovic, DUI’s Arber Ademi had ironically said that the change had just begun.

“For the first time after 2001, the Ohrid Framework Agreement is in the hands of a Serb with a Putinist conviction,” he stated.