Minister Mexhiti on Alleged Abuse of Patient Rights and Oncology Clinic Case

The Health Ministry has several investigations into potential abuse of patient rights at multiple health institutions. With gathered evidence, the cases will be sent to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The focus is on the My Appointment system. Allegedly, patients would pay money to surgeons so that they schedule surgeries for which there was no opening through a referral letter. Minister Mexhiti is adamant that there will be no compromise when it comes to corruption.

“I have been hearing these loud comments by patients. As a doctor, I never wanted to believe them. However, now, a Minister, I am in charge of the department. We have to investigate things all the way once and for all,” he stated on Monday.

Regarding the Oncology Clinic case, details weren’t revealed. However, Mexhiti urged therapy recipients to submit information to the Prosecutor’s Office. “I expect this uncertainty to be ended as soon as possible,” the Minister of Health emphasised.