Minister Spasovski on Ambassador Aggeler’s Comments on Gjorcevska Case

On Sunday, Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski commented on US Ambassador Aggeler’s comments regarding the Vanja Gjorcevska case.

“I have talked about that very often so far in media too. And when I would talk about impunity of all those who would rob the state, destroy society, and were the main people in society without being held to account. All of that is something we must understand and accept as a state that needs to be being changed,” he stated, adding that the system change had to be done swiftly and efficiently.

Regarding the principal suspect in the Gjorcevska and Pance Zezovski murders, Ljupco Palevski, Spasovski’s stand is that though his Ministry acted, the other part of the system had to act in a timely fashion in terms of the trials and execution of sanctions.

“The whole system has to be consolidated regarding investigations to prevent situations when people go home or without proper measures shortly after the Ministry detains them,” the Minister noted.

In response to Spasovski’s comments, VMRO-DPMNE said that if Spasovski agreed with the Ambassador, then he should resign.