Ministers Aliu and Mexhiti Say they Only Report to Taravari

A staff commission of Alliance for Albanians is asking caretaker PM Talat Xhaferi to dismiss Information Society and Administration Minister Azir Aliu and Health Minister Fatmir Maxhiti, who are part of Alliance for Albanians and who are supporting party leader Arben Taravari, because, according to it, they are not supported by the party.

“This decision is made because through the power of the ministerial positions, but without a party post, both are taking action in line with the Code of Ethics, including both blackmails and pressures on Alliance for Albanians members and employees,” the party said in Tuesday’s press-release, which includes criticism of Aliu over his meeting the previous day with ministers representing the opposition over the passports problem.

That day, Monday, had also seen Xhaferi stated that exactly Aliu and Mexhiti should say whether they would continue to be part of the cabinet or become part of the opposition as a result of the announcement by Taravari.

Their stand, however, is that they only report to Taravari. On Tuesday, the two Ministers, levelled fierce criticism of the Government and Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi over the session of the Government that day. As Aliu said, the session saw a dismissal of the Post and Foreign Investment Agency heads in violation of the procedure.

Also, Mexhiti said that the Health Ministry had requested for several proposals to be adopted. “However, they were immediately rejected by Grubi,” he stated.