Municipality of Karpos Adopts Budget for 2024

The Council of the Municipality of Karpos held an urgent session in a rather tense atmosphere, at which they finally adopted the municipal budget for 2024.

At the start of the session, council members from VMRO-DPMNE demanded that the council should instead adopt a decision for temporary funding of the municipality, adding that more than 3,500 amendments have been filed to the municipal budget plan.

Their proposal was rejected by Dobrila Andonovska, who chaired the session as the oldest council member, since the council president was absent, said that she is not authorised to accept such proposals, and must carry out the session with only the points upon the daily order, in this case the adoption of the municipal budget.

Karpos Mayor Stevco Jakimovski accused the council members from VMRO-DPMNE and Levica for intentionally delaying the session. The municipal budget was adopted with 17 votes in favour.