Names of Future Ministers from VMRO-DPMNE Expected to Be Revealed Sunday

Тhe names of the future ministers from VMRO-DPMNE’s ranks are expected to be revealed on Sunday.

“Sessions of the Executive and Central Committee will be held on Sunday,” party leader and PM-designate Hristijan Mickoski said on Wednesday.

He expects members to voice a stand on the nominees. “If positive decisions are made, we will reveal their names immediately,” he noted.

There have been speculations that Toskovski will be the Government’s Secretary General, as well as that Igor Janusev or Aleksandar Janev, former chief for fighting organised crime, will head the Interior Ministry.

However, Janusev’s name is also being mentioned in the race for the new head of the Defence Ministry, of which Misajlovski, too, is part.

If speculations are to be believed, Mucunski will head the Foreign Ministry, Ljupco Dimovski will head the Inter-Community Relations Ministry, Sanja Bozinovska will head the Energy Ministry, Nikoloski will head the Transport Ministry, and Dimitrieska-Kocoska will head the Finance Ministry.