New Health Minister Starting Announced Dismissals of Economic Directors

The new Minister of Health, Arben Taravari, said on Monday that he would start that day the announced dismissals of economic directors in the frames of the Mother Teresa Clinic Centre. As he added, the procedure will continue to cover others holding that position after the required legal changes are made.

“There are 14 acting economic directors. I have already given the order to the Ministry. I will go to Stip for us to conduct insight into the Hospital there. I will return to sign them.

Today, a certain number of economic directors whose term as acting ones ends in mid-July are being dismissed. Regarding those that have a mandate, legal changes will be required. An order has already been issued for the change to be made within Parliament as soon as possible for the position of economic director not to exist anymore,” he stated, adding that that would be completed in one-two months.