New Reactions to Restrictive Measures Law Issue and US Blacklist

On Wednesday, Deputy PM for European Affairs Bojan Marcic called on VMRO-DPMNE MP Antonio Milososki to, as early as that day, convene a session of Parliament’s Foreign Policy Committee, chaired by him, for the restrictive measures law to be passed in the frames of that body and then forwarded to a plenary session in order for it to be passed there too as soon as possible.

“It’s strange how both Mr Milososki and his VMRO-DPMNE counterparts talk every day about crime and corruption, and about how they will or would fight crime and corruption. Yet, when they have an opportunity to do so in practice, they place themselves in the defence of crime and corruption,” Maricic said.

The same day, commenting on the blacklisting of Katica Janeva, VMRO-DPMNE Vice-President Aleksandar Nikoloski reiterated his party’s stand that it is clear that she used her position as Special Prosecutor for personal benefit instead of bringing back justice.

“That’s what pains people the most,” he stated. According to Nikoloski, what people demand is for a functional system of the rule of law.