Osmani: No Room for Changes to Model of Przino Government

FM Bujar Osmani said at a press conference that at the moment there is no room of changes to the model for so-called Przino government for the upcoming parliamentary election in 2024. This follows the calls of VMRO-DPMNE for complete elimination of the Przino government model.

“We should focus more on the party leader’s meeting that is to take place in December, at which parties need to reach decision whether to hold the parliamentary and the presidential election on the same day. VMRO-DPMNE and their leader Hristijan Mickoski oppose the idea for caretaker government before elections, not because of the ministers, but because they are against a PM of Albanian ethnicity.

These positions of Mickoski are only extension of the campaigns full of Albanophobia and Europhobia. PM Kovacevski already confirmed that the caretaker PM will be from DUI, but the party is yet to decide who will it be,” Osmani said.