Osmani: Shared European Future Is Only Alternative for EU and WB

“Enlargement as a process covers much more than the field of foreign policy and deeply affects the core of European domestic policy and EU integration and this must be understood as a litmus test of the EU’s capacity as a global actor,” stated Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani at panel discussion in Bruges on “Europe’s Future – Perspectives and Contributions from the Western Balkans”, referring to the geostrategic dimension of the enlargement process. The event in Bruges was initiated jointly by Osmani and The College of Europe, under the umbrella of the new format “B6”, launched in Ohrid on the side-lines of the “Prespa Forum for Dialogue”. “Minister Osmani pointed out that he sees this debate as sending a clear political signal that the European Union and the Western Balkan countries share responsibility for a common European future, and our destinies are intertwined around the basic values ​​and principles on which the EU is based,” the statement said.