Osmani, Spasovski, VMRO-DPMNE, and ex-PM on Restrictive Measures Issue

In an interview with TV21 on Friday, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said there had been no political withdrawal of the Restrictive Measures Draft-Law.

He reiterated the Government’s stand that it has been done for administrative reasons, that is, that the new cabinet needs to confirm it.

“In the current law, there are three grounds as the basis to introduce restrictive measures by our country, mandatory resolutions of the UN Security Council, legal acts of the EU, and bilateral acts of other countries, but only concerning terrorism and proliferation. New, we are adding that for these purposes, security, international peace, fighting corruption, abuse of official duty, as grounds to pass restrictive measures, we take also the legal acts of the US and the legal acts of the UK,” Osmani stressed, The Justice Ministry’s stand is that the draft-changes are not in line with the Constitution and with the penal law system in general.

Ex-Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski expressed on Friday his support for the adoption of the changes. On the other hand, VMRO-DPMNE Spokesperson Marija Miteva stated that the withdrawal of the changes was an attempt to protect SDSM and DUI officials who were part of the Government.

In an interview with the Lokalno portal on Saturday, SDSM leader and ex-PM Dimitar Kovacevski said the Draft-Law was another confirmation of the resolve and commitment of the cabinet led by SDSM to fight corruption, which produced results.