Parliament Adopts Changes to Introduce and Reorganise Ministries

On Saturday, at 3:00 am, with 88 votes in favour, 22 against, and no abstentions, Parliament adopted the changes to the Law on Organisation and Operation of the State Administration Bodies.

Now, the path has been opened for new ministries to be introduced and existing ones to be organised. The changes were supported by the VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition, VLEN, ZNAM, and several MPs from the DUI-led European Front coalition.

The previous day, Parliament had decided for the changes to be adopted in the shortened procedure, after which they very quickly passed the filters in the frames of the committees.

SDSM and Levica MPs fiercely criticised both the changes and the procedure to adopt them, stressing that the introduction of new ministries would create additional costs and result in new employments on the basis of party affiliation.

According to the changes, the Ministry of Economy will also cover the department of labour, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy will be in charge of social policy, demography, and youth, the Youth and Sport Agency would become a sport ministry, while part of the Economy Ministry’s competences from the fields of energy and mining will be covered by a new ministry of energy, mining, and mineral raw materials.

The Ministry of Culture will also be in charge of the field of tourism, while the Information Society and Administration Ministry will become a digitalisation one. President Siljanovska Davkova signed the decree for promulgation.