Parliament Dismisses Alliance for Albanians’ Mexhiti and Aliu as Ministers

On Friday, before midnight, Parliament dismissed Fatmir Mexhiti and Azir Aliu, both of who are part of Alliance for Albanians and support party leader Arben Taravari, as Minister of Health and Minister of Information Society and Administration, respectively.

As caretaker PM Talat Xhaferi said during the session, the decision is not being made for professional reasons, that is, it is a legal obligation arising from the Przino deal because due to Taravari’s stand that he will join the opposition, the cabinet cannot have two opposition stakeholders.

Mexhiti said that patients would face problems due to DUI’s interests. Ilir Demiri and Naim Bajrami are the persons nominated to succeed Mexhiti and Aliu, respectively. The vote on them will be held on Monday.