Party and Candidate Preparations and Activities for Elections Continue

According to unofficial data by the State Election Commission (SEC) on Saturday, DUI’s Bujar Osmani has collected more than half of the required 10,000 votes to become part of the presidential race.

ZNAM’s Maksim Dimitrievski is second, with 3,500 signatures, while Biljana Vankovska, endorsed by Levica, is third, with 2,700. What’s interesting is that Arben Taravari has around 250 signatures. However, experts believe that that may be a party strategy.

The ethnic Albanian opposition has published a video allegedly showing that Osmani is collecting signatures not in the frames of the SEC and its units, but at DUI offices. However, DUI said the video showed citizens joining the party, not a signature-collection process.

When it comes to the ethnic Macedonian bloc, SDSM promised it would increase the average and minimum salary to 1,000 and 600 euros, respectively. On the other hand, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said the government was preparing another crime.

“There are already 150 million euros in tenders that should be completed before the elections,” he stated at a party event on Sunday.