Pendarovski and Siljanovska Davkova React to Preliminary Results of First Round

Presidential candidates reacted on Wednesday night to the preliminary results of the first round.

At a press-conference, VMRO-DPMNE-endorsed presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska Davkova thanked all citizens, not only those who had voted for her.

“I will cooperate with the party endorsing me, but I will cooperate also with both the opposition and the NGO sector. I will show and prove I am there for Macedonia, that I want them to be proud of me, because I will be proving that, that Macedonia must be similar to the other democratic countries, to be standard, to be a desired, decent place for a political and any contest,” she stressed.

SDSM-endorsed Stevo Pendarovski said his general assessment was that the results were not the expected ones.

“From what I know from the analytics centre, most likely, the difference between me and Siljanovska Davkova will be around 130,000 votes. We expected it to be smaller. However, tomorrow’s a new day and we will of course start meetings with citizens,” he noted.