People’s Uprising Against Fascism Day Marked

People’s Uprising Against Fascism Day, 11 October, was marked throughout the country on Wednesday.

“On this day, the Macedonian people united in a national liberation front for a free Macedonian state,” President Stevo Pendarovski said. As he added, with the act, the Macedonian people and citizens became part of the big anti-Hitler coalition.

In Kumanovo, PM Dimitar Kovacevski stated that thanks to the success of the national liberation struggle, the whole progress had since then been a reflection of defiance. In his speech, he also talked about EU membership.

“This is not a battle with weapons and on battlefields, like the Partisans’ and revolutionary battles. However, it is another serious and important battle we must win. In doing so, we will make sure that nobody will ever be able to use Macedonian identity issues for own or somebody else’s purposes,” the PM noted.

VMRO-DPMNE marked People’s Uprising Against Fascism Day in Prilep, where party representatives laid flowers at the statues honouring national heroes.