Personal Documents Issue: Toskovski Says Oversights by Two Assistants Found

In a podcast on the Plusinfo portal, caretaker Interior Minister Pance Toskovski said regarding the personal documents issue that the Ministry’s Internal Control Department had found oversights by two assistants within the institution regarding bad planning and disastrous management of the process to procure and issue documents.

“For one of them, disciplinary proceedings will be launched. Over the other, the 12-month deadline to do so has expired. The Department’s Report has been submitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for further action according to the law,” he stated.

However, the additional Deputy Minister, Bojmacaliev said the analysis hadn’t been fully prepared and the report was invalid because it hadn’t been signed by the two assistants at the Internal Control Department. The Skopje Prosecutor’s Office said it had received Toskovski’s report.