PM-Designate Mickoski Responds to Greek PM’s Latest Comments

Regarding the latest comments by Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis over the constitutional name use issue, that is, his stand that if Hristijan Mickoski doesn’t adamantly say that he respects the Prespa Agreement once he officially becomes the PM, he will face a very unpleasant first experience “when all of us meet in Washington”, in the frames of the NATO Summit, the PM-designate said on Thursday that, by nature, it was hard to surprise him pleasantly or unpleasantly.

In his view, it’s perhaps better for the two countries to discuss the positions before the Summit.

Mickoski asked domestic media to pay attention to what Greece has implemented from the Prespa Agreement more than to “my human right” to use the word “Macedonia”.

“What have they done over these past six years? Let’s see what they did in the past,” Mickoski stressed, also asking, “What were we supposed to get in the past, when the flag and notes were being changed? When the humiliating name was being used, when NATO’s intervention against Milosevic’s regime was taking place, who was a loyal ally and who was prohibiting overflights?”.